Wednesday, November 17, 2010

listen bang-gang. i'mma be real with y'all for a second. this season has almost wrecked my love of top model, and this format has ruined my love of top bloggling about it. when chris left so did my heart, and the long-form bloggling just isn't as fun as it was on my twitter, but to the three of you who may see this, i have great news:

i will update it intermittently for the rest of this godawful backalley abortion of a cycle, and hit it up in earnest next time around. incidentally in the time between me creating that twitter and making this post i've already had a twitter spamborg add me and try to ebang me i guess. anyway, sorry guys!

ann - sucks
chelsey - suxx
jane - suxxx
the other one - ///pray for death\\\

that's all i can really say at this point : \ good night!!