Thursday, June 10, 2010

cycle 14 - underneath the laughter

Here was everything I had to say about Cycle 14. It runs the full gamut from Racist to Unbelievably Racist. These are just short, curt and catty twitter posts in no particular (but at the same time chronological) order. Hopefully this will tide us all over until the next cycle starts up (TBA 2010 HEY TY TY LETS MAKE WITH THE AIRDATES [I HAVE BEEN DRINKING]): OH P.S. I know I'm breaking colon rules but i should point out that its pretty obvious what days i posted what and whatever IF YOU ARE LOOKING AT MY TWITTER but I'm going to post them in the form of one giant block because that's basically like how art is.
  • this cycle of top model is like the sideshow tent you have to pay extra for once you've already paid to see the guy with lobster hands
  • my god, the hoops, the uneven eyebrows. there are a lot of blue ribbon eyebrows this cycle. yeah, i'm just going to post as i watch
  • i hate that rich piece of shit!
  • raina, you're caterpillar face
  • corpse the ginger, you've been dealt a rough hand. what's with the sex questions?
  • i can't wait to see grace jones and the super crazy one mix it up
  • that sheraton they keep using as an establishing shot is totally gross. also, seriously. the conversations this cycle. thanks the cw
  • my name is amy, i look like a bird. i have no personality.
  • plus-size black girl, you just won as far as i am concerned
  • two caterpillar faces! i'll call this one caterpillar face mumbai. seriously, empowering stuff though
  • mr. j has a soft spot for hardluck ghetto stories
  • *MRS J : (
  • weird girl, fuck you. straight up.
  • i am that obnoxious rich girl : (
  • whoa, whoa, holy shit. tinyface! i thought the girls they focused on were weird looking. ahahah they had to censor weird girl's cooch
  • ginger frankenstein. just sayin.
  • tyra so help me god 3 spots left you'd better pick plus-size black girl
  • lmao @ the chorus of sobs as the second name was called. man, fuck you tyra. plus-size black girl forever
  • oh...hey perez. : \
  • seriously? what kind of person has to be bargained with to not gossip about kids
  • i came into this with the expectation that ty-overs are a mid-season treat, but every cycle they push it up. ridiculous.
  • ginger frankenstein is the new mckey
  • laura!! : )))

ACTUALLY I LIED! I am going to do a number of posts about cycle 14, because to put all of my numerous tweets into a single post would create an unreadable skyscraper of text, each floor 140 characters (squared) MWA HA HA HA HA HA HA! SEE YOU TOMORROW SOMETIME OR NOT BECAUSE YOU DO NOT READ THIS BLOG (YET [NEVER {SOMETIMES?!}!!]!!!)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

it's a top bloggle to me

hi interfriends! i feel i should preface things for all 2 people who accidentally stumble on this page and the 10 people i know irlz who might read it out of a sort of sense of obligation. my wife got me into top model, but she was away for cycle 14. finding myself with no one to snark out to, i loosed my venom into the morass that is twitter. it got a pretty great response from those 10 people i referred to earlier, so i've decided to blog the next cycle in a more verbose format! so here it is, america's next top bloggle. i don't assume anyone will read this so its going to get pretty blue!!! anyway, i don't know when the next cycle starts so i'm just going to post a cycle 14 retrospective and then probably forget about this by the time cycle 15 rolls around.