Wednesday, June 9, 2010

it's a top bloggle to me

hi interfriends! i feel i should preface things for all 2 people who accidentally stumble on this page and the 10 people i know irlz who might read it out of a sort of sense of obligation. my wife got me into top model, but she was away for cycle 14. finding myself with no one to snark out to, i loosed my venom into the morass that is twitter. it got a pretty great response from those 10 people i referred to earlier, so i've decided to blog the next cycle in a more verbose format! so here it is, america's next top bloggle. i don't assume anyone will read this so its going to get pretty blue!!! anyway, i don't know when the next cycle starts so i'm just going to post a cycle 14 retrospective and then probably forget about this by the time cycle 15 rolls around.

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