Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Cycle 15, Episode 5 - Bad News Bears

Alright I know all three of you are dying to read about how shitty I am towards a bunch of girls I don't know but my computer shit the ghost and I think its probably OK now but heavens I am too worked up to do any meaningful kind of Bloggling tonight. Sorry gang. I am going to try to do it pretty soon (Maybe.) Anyway, I will say this, Liz' picture was the best but I still stand by my assertion that Liz the Snizz is a great mean nickname. Oh, and it's total horse apples that Ann won again, and also if you refer to your pvr you may note that the girls in the bottom two are incidentally the two rocking the dowdiest waistlines. Lexie, based on how you handled your exit I think we would get along, because we are both total shitty bitches.

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